Concrete statues mn

His medium was concrete, and subjects were animals and occasionally people. Four of them are found along towns along Highway 2, one along Highway 59, and the other on Highway 10, all within miles of each other in the flat, farming country of northwestern Minnesota. Ernie Konikson, originally from Erskine, MN, was a creator of sculpture and signs. He would typically start with the cement base on which the statue would stand. Once complete, the rest was filled in with concrete. The statues were then painted.

The Indian stands in front of an old motel next to a busy gas station just east of town. It was later moved permanently to Roholt Park in McIntosh. Built init depicts Joe Rollete, a famous Minnesota fur-trader and politician who ran a trading post in the Crookston area back in the Civil War era.

The dog, an Alaskan malumet which Konikson sculpted based off of a photo, was commissioned in The Crume family, who owned a kennel which boarded and raised puppies outside of Glyndon, wanted something to help attract new business.

So they commissioned Konikson to paint a new sign and sculpt something to really grab the attention. The following photos are from an article from that were sent to me from the Clay County Historical Society. Crume Kennels has since moved from this location, but the dog remains. After completing the Dog statue, Konikson died several years later. He had wanted to build a wagon train in the North Dakota Badlands, but the dream was never realized. Roughly 50 years later, the statues still stand, and likely will for a long, long time.

And we hope they do: the article from CCHS states that there is a time capsule underneath the base of the Dog statue from containing photographs and other memorabilia for a future generation to discover. I just found this article online and was so glad to find it. I always knew my Uncle Ernie had made the huge Northern in Erskine.

We always thought we were special thinking he made it just for us kids to play upon when we went up North for vacations. He also had created the ox and cart at Crookston.

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concrete statues mn

From old paint to missing chips or chunks, we offer statue repair. Regardless of where you purchased your statue, we can fix it. Contact Us. View Concrete. View Greenhouse. View Ceramics. Featured Our Concrete Selections. View Animals. View Angels. Concrete Fantasy From gargoyles to gnomes Huge Selection.

concrete statues mn

View Fantasy. Concrete Statues From small to large Garden — Miscellaneous. View Statues. Concrete Plaques.Baby Concrete Cow. Concrete Cow Statue is 25 long 11 high and 14 deep concrete cow statue has such greats designconcrete animal statue.

Raccoon Plaque Concrete. Raccoon Plaque comes stained with a hook on the back. Pig Concrete Statue. Animal Garden Statue. Realistic Concrete Bear Statue. This Concrete Bear Statue is so realistic looking, sitting at over two feet tall and its weight is about the same as this size Bear. Shipping very expensive and normally starts at ten times the price of my statues to as much as twenty eight times the price and all have to be wooden crated before shipped, customer s arrange all shipping crating and pickup and delivery.

All Shipping is arranged by Customers.

concrete statues mn

Concrete Polar Bear Statue. Concrete Bear at 13 tall 18 long and 9 wide magnificent Polar Bear concrete statue will be a conversational piece in any home or garden, this statue will be a focal point in your private garden space. Concrete Animal Statue. Mouse with Cheeze Statue. Mouse with Cheese Statue, might even make your cat chase once seen by cat. Lawn Ornaments or Back Yard Art.

Hedge Hog laying on his back. Otter Concrete Statue. Sitting Concrete Pig statue. Concrete Pig Statue 12 inches tall, 12 deep and 8 wide, this sitting Pig has great detail.

This cute fella will bring a nice addition to any garden yard. Garden Rabbit Statue. Garden Rabbit Statue 10 inches long 7 inches tall and 8 wide, Concrete Animal Statue this cute fella will enhance any garden or home, a must for Bunny lovers.

Weight 13 lbs. Long Eared Garden Rabbit Statue. Rabbits are often used as a symbol of fertility or rebirth, and have long been associated with spring and Easter Bunny. Concrete Garden Rabbit Statue. Large Garden Rabbit Statue. Large Concrete Garden Rabbit Statue in a standing position.Cast stone is a highly refined architectural precast concrete that can be manufactured to simulate nearly any type of natural cut stone including limestone, sandstone, granite, slate and travertine.

Think of it as precast concrete taken to the ultimate level, with strength, weathering and aesthetic properties that often exceed those of quarried stone, depending on the quality of the mix design used. Cast stone can be made from white or gray cement, and often mineral pigments or decorative aggregates are tossed into the mix to add color and variation. Because the pieces are cast in molds under controlled manufacturing and curing conditions, they are more consistent in appearance and more predictable in performance than natural stone.

Plus, they can be reinforced with steel or with glass or plastic fibers to improve strengthen and inhibit cracking. While natural stone will always have a place in the garden, there are many reasons why concrete statuary is emerging as the newest outdoor art form. Taller fountains are in demand too, with customers going for multi-tiered units 6 to 7 feet high," she says. Because these products are cast into molds, you can create multiples of the same piece at a lower price.

Depending on the mix used, cast stone is often more durable than porous stones, such as granite, especially when exposed to freeze-thaw conditions," she adds. Garden Accents and Art Cast stone statuary and garden accents are available in every form and genre imaginable -- and the options continue to expand as the market heats up for these products.

This breadth of selection is one of the best attributes of cast stone, giving you the creative freedom to set any stage you want for your outdoor sanctuary, whether you're striving for a classic Old World look or simply want to add whimsy or an element of surprise.

There are dozens of categories to choose from including cherubs, wood nymphs, gargoyles, gnomes, religious figurines, nearly every species of animal even the mythical and extinctIni Itu a modern Indonesian-inspired art form and birdbaths of all shapes and styles.

Many cast stone manufacturers and suppliers offer specialized collections of concrete statuary and garden ornamentation that allow you to evoke a particular time, culture or architectural style.

The distinctive prairie style of noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright is reproduced in a collection of cast concrete urns, vases and sculptural pieces. At Secret Garden Statuary, you can find classic reproductions of statuary from Italy's Tuscanyregion and ancient Greek mythology as well as a selection of pagodas, Buddhas, Japanese lanterns and other symbols of the Orient.

Campania recently introduced a collection of concrete garden ornaments and planters replicating pieces from the world-renowned Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, which draws inspiration from classic European gardens. Fountains and Modular Ponds Water features are highly coveted centerpieces for many courtyards and gardens because they appeal to multiple senses, providing visual beauty enhanced by tranquil sounds and hypnotic movement.

Cast stone fountains are available in myriad sizes and styles to enhance any outdoor environment. For formal settings, you'll find everything from stately wall-mounted fountains, like a lion's head, to a regal four-tier Renaissance-style fountain. For the ultimate in grandeur, Al's Garden Art recently introduced a series of "estate-sized" pedestal fountains measuring 12 feet tall and surrounded by custom-built basins.

Naturalized gardens and smaller spaces can be enhanced by compact bain-style fountains that soothe and captivate with the gentle sounds of bubbling water. In many garden settings, fountains and formal ponds go hand in hand, which inspired Marco Lucioni of Lucioni Arts Design which does customized work for Secret Garden Statuary to develop modular pond units made of precast concrete.

These versatile, decorative blocks can easily be installed above ground in nearly any configuration, eliminating laborious, disruptive digging. We wanted to offer people something nice looking, versatile, easy to install and reasonably priced.

The modular pieces are much easier to work with than a solid cast pond and can be arranged to form a multitude of shapes including circles, squares, rectangles, ovals and even quadrafoils. They also can be cast in various colors to suit the owner's landscaping scheme. Once installed, the modular ponds are lined with reinforced PVC so they will not crack or leak due to ground tremors or exposure to freezing and thawing.

Concrete Tables, Benches and Containers No outdoor sanctuary is complete without a place to sit and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.

Concrete Statuary

Precast concrete furnishings are available in an endless array of styles and can remain outdoors year-round with minimal maintenance.

Best of all, they can serve as distinctive sculptural elements in addition to their practical function. In smaller gardens, artistic arrangements of cast stone containers can put on a stunning show, whether used as planters, vessels for miniature water gardens, or to display winter evergreens or other seasonal branches. Styles range from the fanciful to the formal as you may see below. Catharine's, Ontario uses concrete to create beautiful garden decor.

Initially, she grows rhubarb leaves and subsequently casts them into tables, waterfalls, and hanging fence decor. The decorations are then painted afterwards. The very fine veins of the leaves show up after the concrete has cured affording beautiful, colored detail when painted. Because of their durability, they are a unique item for outdoor environments being able to withstand rain or wind. Concrete Statuary: Colors and Finishes Cast stone comes in a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from natural gray to designer shades that mimic materials such as terra cotta, slate, sandstone, desert clay, aged iron or brass, patinated copper and even moss-covered stone.

For pieces that are made to order, many manufacturers also have the ability to custom color their products.It was nice to just hand over a voucher and have things taken care of. We were pleased with the way it all worked out.

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Ernie Konikson’s Concrete Statues

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Concrete statues mn