Dwm trayer

DWM is a pretty neat window manager—it's very flexible and can be customized exactly to suit one's needs: I've tried several dynamic tiling managers, and so far only DWM doesn't get in my way and actually is more comfortable than traditional WMs. Configurability of DWM may sound strange to some: there is none. All customization is done through editing the source code.

This may seem daunting, but it really isn't: there isn't much code below SLOC and it's all so clear, that even someone without a background on X11 can get to hacking and learn something in the process.

Plus, many immediately configurable settings are gathered in a single header file. Given this, even though DWM may be mean-and-lean, it's easy to extend it with any feature one would dream of.

And vanilla DWM can't handle those properly—every tray icon gets its own ordinary window, which, as you can see, isn't terribly convenient:.

To fix that, we first need to see how tray icons are handled in X It turns out there is no single standard of doing that. Well, there is the FreeDesktop onebut it's overly complicated and fortunately not really used yetexcept maybe for Gnome.

Some programs use both. So all we need to do is spot appropriate properties and check if they're right; if either the role is tray icon, or the KDE-specific property is set at all, we can put the tray window to the right side of the screen.

dwm trayer

Here, much better:. Hey, I'd be interested to know exactly how you did this. I tried using trayer for this purpose but getting it to play nice with dwm proved more involved. I can dig it up if you want, though. Nah, it's alright.

dwm trayer

Post a Comment. And vanilla DWM can't handle those properly—every tray icon gets its own ordinary window, which, as you can see, isn't terribly convenient: To fix that, we first need to see how tray icons are handled in X Posted by Unknown at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Updated Aug : Getting antialiased fonts [ jump to this ]. I decided to give dwm another tiling window manager, from which xmonad is forked a try, and man was I blown away by its super simple configuration and fast setup since it is written in C, unlike Xmonad which is written in haskell.

Since I am not a power user of Xmonad, dwm more than satisfied my requirements and actually made the things that I cared for much more simpler. No more downloading a haskell compiler. The above file is required to give you the option to choose dwm as your window manager at the login prompt. Now, let us try our hand and configuring dwm itself to suit our tastes.

Remember that we have already installed dwm with the default configurations above. To re-configure dwm, you will mostly have to modify config. Now make the necessary configuration changes in config. Here is my config. The helpful comments make it very easy to understand what each option is for.

Finally the most imp thing — aesthetics. As with the basic xmonad setup, if you use dwm with just the above setup, you will find that gtk applications like Firefox look terribly ugly, but fixing this issue is simple.

So, go ahead and do it before you start using dwm. Launch gtk-chtheme and select your preferred gtk Save your settings. Now, let us fix some ugly gtk Logout and log in selecting dwm as your session instead of the default Lubuntu at the login prompt. You are greeted with a plain screen. For more basic key-bindings and usage, checkout the man page of dwm. Finally got some extra keyboard keys like audio volume control keys and audio mute key working with dwm.

Here is how to do it for your keyboard. For me, the values are as below. Next, we need to modify config. Here is the new version of my entire config. Functionality for other keys can be added similarly. Somehow, dwm does not automatically get antialiased fonts like when you are running gnome, etc.I am using dwm and trayer to provide a system tray.

I write a patch for dwm 5.

My dwm Setup

Please, test it and give me freeback, updates and fixes. Last edited by es Hello everybody! I recently had to redo my system. Before this change I was using the DWM 6. He is working as if there is no patch applied in dwm. DWM "statuscolors" Patch. I've downloaded the "dwm So what I'm wondering is if there's an updated version out there somewhere, or if I could possibly mod it for the current version. The text leading up to this was: diff -up dwm How does dwm handle dual screen?

I am now an Awesome user, and i am thinking installing dwm. But i think it's failing. When i do makepkg, this is the last output before the error. Does anyone have any ideas? Last edited by Vintendo Dwm has minimal support for dual screens.

AFAIK they are still working on the best way to support it. If you must have dual screens the way awesome handles them, I'd suggest you use awesome for the time being. For the record I am a dwm user, but I'm using 4. Once it is implemented in a sensible way I'll upgrade. I'm totally new to dwm it's working great by the way and patching. I'm having problems understanding how to use the patch program.

The text leading up to this was: Only in dwm Looking at the patch, I see it's a diff on config. I'm not new to C coding but fresh out when it comes to diffing and patching, how do I actually go forward from here?

Ok thanks but I'm confused again I know. I managed to patch the files config. I'm confused because I now have these three header files 2x config. I've read around on the net, but haven't gotten any further answers yet. Last edited by roygbiv So I guess you're using other patches that rearrange the include directive for config. If that's the case, you have to put the moveresize function in dwm.

Yes I had dwm. Vanilla compiles fine.I am using dwm and trayer to provide a system tray. I write a patch for dwm 5. Download the patch. This would fit better in Community Contributions. PGP Key. Sadly neither can I. Nice work on this by the way.

If I was still using dwm this would definitely come in handy! Sorry about that. I reported it soon after I posted that.

Basic dwm setup in (L)ubuntu

I'd like to try this patch but it keeps failing to apply for me. I also have pertag, attachaside, and nmaster installed. What is the correct way to apply this patch? Hi, I need some help. I applied the patch to a clean dwm config, and it works great.

However: Trayer seems to be sitting in the middle of my panel. Here is how I'm starting trayer:. Since the "unmovable panel" is a bit anoying to meI add the follows code to automatically move tha panel to the place next to the status notification area:. Atom topic feed. Arch Linux. Index Rules Search Register Login. You are not logged in. Topics: Active Unanswered. Please, test it and give me freeback, updates and fixes.

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Re: dwm trayer patch tomk wrote: Moved. Re: dwm trayer patch i think it done! Re: dwm trayer patch I'd like to try this patch but it keeps failing to apply for me. Re: dwm trayer patch choogi wrote: I'd like to try this patch but it keeps failing to apply for me. Re: dwm trayer patch ok, it's a forum bug.

dwm trayer

Re: dwm trayer patch es wrote: ok, it's a forum bug. Re: dwm trayer patch Hi, I need some help.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Commercial and military style numbering. Sear safety.

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Dwm trayer