Facebook messenger last active disappeared 2019

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Open Messenger. Tap People. Tap Active. Slide the switch next to your name left. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Random Article.

Facebook Messenger app down or problems

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facebook messenger last active disappeared 2019

Explore this Article Using the Messenger App. Using the Facebook Website. Tips and Warnings.People change. Many extensively use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and family. What if you no longer wish to keep in touch with someone on Messenger?

Typically, you would block the person. But what happens when you block someone on Facebook Messenger? Can they see your online status?

How To Hide/Disable Active Now(Last Seen) In Your Facebook Messenger-Turn Off Last Active Time-2020

Can they call you? We shall answer all such queries in this post as we dive deep to tell you what happens after blocking someone on Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger last active disappeared 2019

When you block someone, the said person cannot message you. The same holds true for your side too. Meaning, even you lose the power to message them. When you open the message thread on either side, you will find the text box, camera icon, and other things missing from the bottom bar.

Again, the answer is no. Blocking someone on Messenger stops all kinds of interactions with them. Fortunately, unlike blocking in WhatsApp where you still see the calling buttons, Messenger hides the audio and video calling buttons for both parties. Blocking someone will not delete the conversation thread from any side. In other words, the old conversations will remain in Messenger, and you will be able to read them until you manually delete the chat thread.

Even if you decide to keep the chat thread of the blocked person, you will not be able to see their current or last active status on Messenger. And, neither will the blocked person. Facebook and Messenger stories are similar yet different. If you post on one platform, it is automatically posted on the other platform while taking care of your privacy settings. When you block someone on Messenger, the blocked person will not be able to see your Facebook and Messenger stories.

Similarly, you will not see the blocked person's story on Facebook or Messenger. If you open the conversation thread of a blocked person, you will notice the reaction button is still visible. Tapping it will reveal the reactions. However, tapping on any of them will throw the notification that you need to unblock the person first.

Group chats stay unaffected if you block someone. Both of you will be able to see messages from each other in the common groups.

facebook messenger last active disappeared 2019

However, Facebook lets you know when you enter a group where there is a person whom you have blocked on Messenger as a precautionary measure. The other person will not receive a notification of any sort. However, they will lose the ability to message or call you as we have seen above. If you think blocking someone on Facebook or Messenger would result in the same thing, my dear friend, you are wrong. Both are two separate things. Right from the start, when you hit the block button on Messenger, you will be asked whether you want to block their messages only or block them on Facebook too.

The former will only block them on Messenger, and the things mentioned above will hold true. It will not have any impact on your connection with them on Facebook. That is, you will still be able to view their Facebook profile you will remain friends with them on Facebook and interact with them on Facebook comment and like. Only when you block them on Facebook, you will lose access to their profile the person will be unfriended and other interactions on Facebook including Messenger.

But again, this is not an accurate way to know if you have been blocked. Another way to know if you have been blocked is to ask a mutual friend.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. It only takes a minute to sign up. My boyfriend says he will take a nap and that is fine with me. After half an hour, I checked if I have messages from him only to find out that he was online 1 minute ago.

I asked him but he says that he is taking a nap and he did not turn off his phone, that's why it says last online 1 minute ago. Facebook Messenger statuses aren't accurate. When he says he's going to work but yet after a couple of hours it'll still say he's "active now". As he never brings his phone to work, I called his work place and confirmed he arrived on time and was clearly working. There are a few times that both of us are in the same room and checked each other's status in Messenger, it'll say "active now" although our phones are offline or charging.

The app isn't accurate so don't worry about it. Some browser extensions or websites may also trigger Facebook activity.

He may have you on "hide conversation". I checked this multiple times with my friends and that's exactly what it looks like. Facebook as a piece of code receives conflicting signals, because it knows it's supposed to show this user "offline", as he hid you, but the site can't relate to the time when he supposedly left - because he didn't - so it shows "online 1 minute ago" as a compromise. Facebook deals very well with inactive users and, if you don't use it for some time, it will automatically render you offline.

I often have this problem with my boyfriend, because we see each other offline even when we are in the same room, both obviously online - but it shows otherwise when we switch tabs to something else, despite keeping Facebook open. In general, Facebook does a ton of lying and errors about statuses. So your bf might be telling the truth about leaving the phone on.

But if these naps happen too often and at weird times, he's simply hiding you from his chat. Whatever the reason. There would be two possible reasons for this:.Facebook Messenger Update — In this article we regularly compile the latest Facebook Messenger updates as well as planned features for app versions on Android and iOS. Facebook introduces an online payment system with Facebook Pay. Other countries and apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp will follow.

Paying had to be as easy as sending a picture. Facebook Pay brings Facebook a decisive step closer to its goal of integrating the four apps Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp more closely. As promised at the F8 a few months backFacebook Messenger is now launching a variety of business policies and features which will position Messenger as a serious channel for business communication as well. Messenger is implementing a hour window for businesses to respond to incoming user messages, to ensure fast responses and better service.

For businesses who want to send promotional content, they can use sponsored messages as a fee-based option to send personal messages to users and re-engage them. Templates are available in the Ads Manager and the solution can also be merged with CRM tools to help organize the lead generation. This includes real-time confirmation and an integration to calendar softwares, meaning that businesses can use messaging conversations to schedule appointments, in-store meetings, phone calls, and more.

This will be rolled out globally over the rest of the year! With this feature, businesses can see the measurable impact that messaging has on their business goals. One last thing: Facebook will also be phasing out the Discover tab and will instead work on other entry points to connect users and businesses — including, of course, search and advertising, which are some of the most intuitive entry points for users to start messaging businesses.

What Does “Active Now” Mean on Facebook Messenger?

A so far unpublished feature in Android allows video and audio call users to make their screen visible to all participants. This allows users to view video and images stored on their own mobile phone or to view content outside the Facebook cosmos YouTube videos, etc. When this function is rolled out for Android or iOS is currently open.

In any case, this feature is an exciting approach of Facebook to keep users longer in the Messenger App. Facebook Messenger now also has a dark mode. Dark mode means that everything happens in the messenger app with a dark background.

The main advantage: less strain on the eyes during use. The dark mode rollout is currently being promoted in Facebook Messenger by a small hack, which at the same time promotes interaction. For up to ten minutes after sending a message, a user is now able to delete the sent message! This is a feature that many users have been demanding for a long time. Especially since it recently became known that selected users had already been able to access this feature for some time.

Similar to the messaging apps mentioned above, a message about the deletion is transparently displayed to all participants of the chat. In addition to updates and new features, we have also been asked many times about the main differences between WhatsApp and the FB Messenger. Here the FB Messenger is clearly ahead. With FB Messenger 4, users have just received a major redesign, including a logo, which is being rolled out worldwide. The aim of this redesign is to bring more clarity, simplicity and focus on the essentials into the Messenger App.

Finally, the FB Messenger also offers a wide range of colors. For example, it is possible to adjust the colors of the chat sequences. WhatsApp is not that advanced yet. It just became known that WhatsApp allows sticker integration via third-party providers and that Google as a well-known brand,starts with it.

This reduction from 20 to 5 recipients of forwarded messages follows the example of India, where this limitation has already been in practice for some time.

WhatsApp has been and still is often criticized for its privacy. It comes into effect as soon as two users exchange information and only exists between them, or more precisely between the end devices. The situation is different with Facebook Messenger: a secret conversation can be started here, with encrypting the chat end-to-end on the basis of the protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems.

This protocol is also used for the messenger Signal, which is known for its security.Answer Question. How to tell the last time someone was on facebook? How are the 8 friends pictures chosen in your Facebook profile Timeline? How do i hide "Last Active" time stamp facebook messenger mobile app? How does Facebook determine which Friends appear on your Facebook Profile sidebar?

Does the Facebook always show correctly the time when somebody was active? Or there can be mistakes? For example it shows 3h instead of 6h? How do the 6 friends photos at the top of Facebook Timeline get choosen?

Who can see my last active status in facebook messenger? How are the 9 friends photos within Facebook Timeline selected for the friends box? Can a person detect if someone is spying on their Facebook profile wall? What do facebook Favorites under instant messaging mean?

What does Facebook Messenger iphone app "Last Active" online status time refer to on the mobile app? Is the time shown next to a friends name mean the last time they were logged into the Facebook Messenger app or the last time they sent a message using the facebook messenger app?

Or does the time also show the last time they logged in using the regular Facebook mobile iphone app? Spam Inappropriate Illegal? MORE: facebookfacebook messengerfacebook app. Oct 3rd, at AM. No, unfortunately, I have friends who have only uploaded the FB mobile app, NOT the FB Messenger, and their time stamp remains next to their name in the Chat side window when it's inactive but not logged off.

However, their time stamp under their name in an open message window will reflect a different time - showing when they were last active on the FB website or desktop version. Oct 9th, at PM. This is just a guess But the friends using the FB app or FB messenger app on iPhones or Android that don't have a "Last Active" time showing up, may be using an older version of the Facebook app.

Oct 16th, at PM. There may be, try the following: 1 On Facebook, click on the top left drop down menu right next to "Home" and then select "Privacy Settings". Note: I'm still not sure yet if changing this will actually turn off the time stamp, or if this setting is only used for FB Chat.

I tried the solution above and checked with my best friend. Sadly the stamp is still there and still updated. It doesn't go away. Q: "What is my status in Facebook chat if I'm logged in on mobile?

A: If you're logged in on mobile, your friends will see a mobile icon. If you've downloaded Messenger, they'll see the icon. At this time, you cannot change this mobile icon your friends see unless you log out of the app. Nov 5th, at AM. Yes, it will record your time if you login and then logout of FB Messenger app without sending a message. However, certain peoples phones don't seem to record a time most likely due to the version of the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger app installed on their phone.

As far as I can tell, most users with iPhones will have a time show up iPhone 3gs, 4, 5. However, I'm still not sure if there is a privacy setting that will hide the last active time? Nov 7th, at AM. Yes it will.Related Questions Why "last active" timestamp on Messenger disappeared for som Why "last active" timestamp on Messenger disappeared for som Why can't I see some of my Facebook friends in an app? Why does my name or profile photo show in some ads to my fri Why is my Facebook message payment pending?

Why was my payment in a Facebook message canceled? What are some tips to get more views for my listing on Marke We're working to update facebook. If you don't see instructions for the version you're using, learn how to switch versions or report a problem. Help Community. Log In. Back to Help Centre. English UK. Ask a Question Why "last active" timestamp on Messenger disappeared for some of my contacts? It has been a few days that the timestamp "last active" suddenly disappeared for some of my contacts.

Below the name of the contact does not say for instance "active 10 min ago". These contacts use the FB mobile application mostly. In the past, I did not have that problem with any of the contacts. Why does this happen only in certain contacts and not all of them? Is it a bug of the application? Asked about 2 years ago by Maria. Ask a friend to answer this question? How helpful did you find these answers? Create ad.If the Facebook Messenger app is not working, then this can range from servers going down for all platforms, or problems local to just one operating system.

While the developers explain they aim to update the Facebook Messenger app every couple of weeks, this then leads to a lot of debate around what bugs should get fixed with the next Android, iPhone, or other platforms update.

Common issues include chat messages not being delivered, Facebook app keeps closing, not sending or receiving, Facebook app crashing, connection not working to server, and this can also be when Facebook Messenger is down for maintenance. What Facebook Messenger problems do you have on Wednesday April 15, ?

The latest status update will be left below with scheduled maintenance information when it arrives. Leave your feedback if the application is down today, or you have other issues.

The active status is not updating for some of my contacts but for others it seems fine. SO annoying…Anyone know a fix? I wish I could report this to them. Only Delete is available. Only can delete for me. IF I delete the app and reinstall it, the problems are cleared, but come back a few minutes later.

Yet was this morning. Seems to be since the last update. I used that feature all the time!! No more bubble in the top right corner. Very frustrating. As of this morning there is a wave of people reporting the same thing in the community help section. Newest Android update…. I noticed alot of old messages that have previously been sent are now missing or not there at all.

What does the "Last Active" time stand for on Facebook Messenger mobile app?

This same issue is also happening with a friend of mine. Thankfully auto-updates are turned off on my phone. Hoping this is resolved soon! FB is loading very slowly and crashes on occasion. Every time I watch a video or leave a comment there is a huge lag time before I can hit the like tab or at times, even scroll.

It is not my computer, I checked everything. It is FB. Facebook Messenger is down! Looks like a serious issue that is affecting logins worldwide. Anyone else having problems today? The mini-windows of the messenger do not react at all. If you want to close them they open instantly. If you want to open a new one is closes instantly. It was working perfectly before. Now it closes immediately and stops working.

Facebook messenger last active disappeared 2019